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Company Profile
Airborne Energy was formed on 21 May 2010, to develop a small vertical axis wind turbine for the urban environment. It is developing a novel vertical axis turbine aimed at the market where wind conditions may not be ideal. With the variable and turbulent wind that are typical in domestic and small industrial settings, the standard ‘propeller’ design of horizontal axis wind turbine is not optimal. The Airborne design seeks to take advantage of wind from all directions over a wide range of speeds, while avoiding the disadvantages traditionally associated with the vertical axis approach.

Airborne Energy is also innovating on electrical aspects of the design, with a generator designed for low rotational speeds. The overall system will be capable of generating electricity quietly and reliably in all conditions, meeting the standards of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, producing feed-in tariffs for the owner and reducing carbon emissions.
The company became active on first funding by Archangels Informal Investment on 15 September 2010, and has received further funding and a SMART Feasibility award.

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Unit 19 Imex Centre
Dryden Road
EH20 9LZ

Tel 0131-440-2001
Fax 0131-448-0268



Airborne Energy is fully engaged in health and safety having recognised the key benefits to our company, our staff, contractors and cusomers. The policy we have developed includes the occupational health and safety at work of all personnel involved in our day to day business. Airborne Energy considers health and safety as key cultural aspect of our business and we are striving to review and improve our progresses and procedures. The approach is based on the assessment of health and safety through the implementation and maintenance of a robust health and safety management system.